Engineering Design and Integration

Building on a heritage of first class engineering consultancy, LC Energy can design integrated renewable energy systems that combine hardware such as DC-AC inverters, battery management, solar PV arrays and diesel generators. A key strength is remote monitoring capability and control for both onsite and off-grid systems. Our company provides these services from conceptual idea to a final turnkey client site installation.

LC Energy has a proven track record of successful projects in design and full process integration. Our focus and emphasis is on precision, reliability and easy maintenance. Our knowledge of sourcing allows us to employ off-the-shelf components wherever practical in order to minimize the downtime and maintenance cost of our clients. Consequently, we deliver integrated systems at the best possible cost that will meet or exceed your production requirement goals and expectations.

Our design team uses the latest technology in Computer Assisted Design in order to provide quality engineering, and manufacturing efficiency.

From conceptual and complete design to an accurate and detailed quote, from actual manufacture to installation in your plant, from training to trouble shooting, we take pride in our work to ensure that our systems are built to the highest engineering and safety standards.