Hydrogen storage and backup power

PEM fuel cells in conjunction with batteries provide the best option for energy storage and backup power.

  • Fuelled by hydrogen – stored as compressed gas or in solid-state hydride
    (can be generated by electrolysis of water using renewable energy)
  • Immediate start-up ( PEM fuel cells can be turned on within 1 ms from hot standby)
  • Zero emissions (only water!)
  • Low weight and footprint
  • Very low maintenance
  • Indefinite lifetime providing correct shutdown procedure is followed
  • Very low maintenance
  • Available from 1kW to >100kW from various manufacturers
  • Air-cooled (low capacity) or water-cooled for larger systems
  • Batteries may provide adequate storage for short periods (up to 24 hours) but hydrogen is cost competitive over longer periods.
Hydrogenics fuel cell stack

Photos of installed PEM fuel cell systems specified by LC Energy for the Sir Samuel Griffith Centre at Griffith University, Brisbane.