Off-grid systems

Get off the grid and take control!

With an off-grid energy system from LC Energy you do not have to pay the utility for supplying electricity to your home or business. You have control. You decide how much power you want to consume and how it is produced. With a solar-battery storage system you do not have to suffer power loss when the sun goes down. And if you already have a diesel generator we can integrate that in the system, saving you more costs. Best of all, our off-grid systems are remotely monitored by our team of specialists so we will tell you if the system needs attention or a service visit. You just gain the freedom that an LC Energy off-grid system can bring.

How can we do all this?

In 2012 LC Energy was awarded an AusIndustry Clean Technology Innovation grant to develop the next generation off-grid system for remote power applications. This builds on many years of installing grid-connected solar systems for residential or commercial buildings, and an internationally-acclaimed expertise in remote data logging for the mining industry. Our new off-grid systems employ state-of-the-art PV panels, inverters and battery systems, tailored for the needs of the individual consumer. We do not market a one-size-fits-all product.