Residential Solar

LC Energy is one of the most innovative companies in the clean energy field. It is our mission to help you make a difference to the environment, at the same time as making an investment in your future whilst not compromising your lifestyle.

To maximize the financial return on your home solar PV system, LC Energy promotes large residential systems.

A high quality solar systems will, on average, take around 4 years to pay for itself after which all electricity generated will be free. All our PV panels have a minimum 12 year manufacturer’s warranty and a 25 year performance warranty.

large solar home installation

Make LC Energy your partner

  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction and after-sales service
  • We offer a minimum 12 year manufacturer’s warranty on all of our solar panels, plus 10 year warranty on all inverters, plus a 5 year workmanship warranty
  • All of our electricians are fully qualified, licensed and accredited through the Clean Energy council to carry out installations for any type of system onsite or off-grid
  • We provide appropriate secure and affordable service for our residential and commercial clients
  • Only certified and accredited solar equipment is supplied that meets Australian Standards (AS/NZS5033 and AS4777)
  • We only use tier one top quality products for all our solar packages
  • LC Energy offers a discount for your small-scale-technology certificates (STCs), thererby lowering your up-front costs

Pool pumps

LORENTZ PS Swimming Pool Pumps are high quality products designed for use in residential and commercial swimming pools and spas. In most pool applications all of the filtration needs can be met directly from solar panels meaning no electricity costs and significant benefits to the environment. The LORENTZ pump uses a DC brushless motor for high efficiency and reliability, it is connected to a solar generator via a controller. The controller monitors the system, controls the pump speed and optimizes the amount of water pumped based on the power available.

Using the technology, expertise and experience gained in critical drinking water applications, LORENTZ has a range of pool pumps and solutions for all sizes of pools. Additional benefits come from quiet operation and modular construction for simple maintenance. LORENTZ solutions save the homeowner money and reduce their environmental footprint. LORENTZ pool pumps are a compelling proposition for home­owners and commercial pool operators in a sector where operating costs need to be minimized.

LC Energy is an official DC Pumping Partner of Lorentz Pumps and can provide a tailored and engineered solution for your specific pool application.