Monitoring with Solar-Log

Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring is a key component of our business. In carrying out energy audits we regularly monitor sites to determine the daily demand either by recording the data for subsequent analysis or transmitting data in real-time to our own servers.

For the systems that we install, our real-time monitoring systems provide immediate notification of any faults that may develop. We make extensive use of the Solar-LogTM platform through which we can share data with customers to keep them up to date with how energy is being generated and used. Performance and efficiency benchmarks are calculated in real-time for ongoing system management and optimisation.

LC Energy can provide solar panel performance and inverter data direct to a PC, or broadcast the data to a dedicated web interface.

Photovoltaic Plant Monitoring Products

The ideal combination of monitoring device and evaluation platform.

For every plant size, one or 100 plants, private or industrial.


The photovoltaic market and its market conditions are subject to constant change. Nowadays, the focus is on the optimization of self-produced electricity consumption and feed-in management in combination with professional monitoring and control of PV plants.

The Solar-Log™ product range offers an extensive portfolio of solutions – from single-family house with a PV plant and one inverter to industrial operations and solar power stations with up to 100 inverters. These solutions are designed to comply with the various national regulations in regard to renewable energy. Solar-Log™ is also able to implement individual requirements such as the intelligent managing and prioritizing of energy consumption.